Home Safety Game

RoSPA says that accidents are preventable and by playing this game you could learn how to keep safe and help prevent them happening to you and your family.

This game where safety begins at home reflects a small part of the LV= Streetwise Safety Tour, in one of the places where most avoidable accidents happen - the home. It was developed in partnership with LV= the UK¡¯s largest friendly society and leading financial mutual.

So you think you're streetwise? Well, being streetwise is not simply for the streets - it's also where you live, play and sleep.

How to play the game:

In the home safety game you will need to identify the biggest danger in each of the five rooms, plus the garden. Keep looking until you have found all six dangers, one in each area, to complete the game.

Try to beat the clock every time you play - but beware, the dangers change for every new game!

Each time you play you can only identify six dangers in total, one in each room, of a total of 30 dangers. Play as many times as you need to find them all and keep a note of them as you go.

Lounge (4) Kitchen (5) Garden (5) Bathroom (5) Child's Bedroom (6) Parents' Bedroom (5)

LV= Streetwise is the award winning interactive safety education centre situated on the outskirts of Bournemouth and Poole in Dorset. It is a life-sized indoor village where people of all ages can discover how to keep safe and what to do in an emergency in safety tours which are great fun and unforgettable.

LV= was a founding partner of Streetwise and in 2007 after ten years of supporting the centre, they increased their support to become the centre¡¯s lead commercial sponsor. Formerly Liverpool Victoria, LV= is the UK¡¯s largest friendly society and leading financial mutual, serving over five million members and customers.

To find out more about LV= Streetwise, LV= and RoSPA click on the logos below.

This game was originally developed by LV= Streetwise and LV= working in partnership with RoSPA and with the support of an award from the Department of Trade and Industry Modernisation Fund in 2002, with an update by Scotia Gas Networks in 2012.

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